The application is a great review of what they have learned in all four lessons. CNET is always covering a wide array of deals on tech products and much more. Sign up for the CNET Deals Text to get daily deals sent straight to your phone.

  • Exams – Finally, I have included a final exam if you wish to test your students via multiple choice rather than the MOS test.
  • This course includes practice exercises so you can practice as you learn.
  • Microsoft will offer extended support for this version through Oct. 14, 2025, though there is always a risk that Microsoft could terminate the license at any time.
  • Add the free CNET Shopping extension to your browser for real-time price comparisons and cash-back offers.
  • This download also includes the non-internet based mp4 files as well, just in case you do not have internet access of the site is temporarily unavailable.

Microsoft Word 2019 or MS Word 2019 as it is generally called is the latest version of the world’s famous word processor being used by Windows and Mac users alike. The 2019 version succeeded the 2016 version on September 24, 2018 when it became available to everybody worldwide. Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office suite of products that include other widely used software like MS Excel, MS Power Point and MS Outlook. Welcome to the full bundle of my new Word 2019 Video Tutorial Lessons!

Services and Software Guides

This has already helped me set up my project better and gives me the confidence that I’ll be able to keep tracking the project using the software. The course comes with exercise files and instructor demo files. You will need to download both the Advanced Word 2019 Exercise Files and the Advanced Word 2019 Instructor Demo Files to your PC or Mac (the files are not compatible with a mobile device). If you are spending a lot of time in Word, this could be the course that saves you hours each week. Once you are done you can close the ‘Learning Tools’ tab  and return to your document in its original state.

Microsoft Word 2019 Lessons

If you’re having trouble finding a command you want, the Tell Me feature can help. Type what you’re looking for, and a list of options will appear. You can then use the command directly from the menu without having to find it on the Ribbon. The Ribbon contains multiple tabs, which you can find near the top of the Word window. Some groups also have an arrow in the bottom-right corner, which you can click to see even more commands. Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn more about the Word interface.

Backstage view

From Excel to photo editing, experience quality courses that ensure easy learning. It is to remind you that Microsoft Office suite Office 2019 doesn’t have all the new features as they are incorporated in Office 365. If you’re interested in more dynamic updates, then going for subscription-based Office 365 is a better choice.

Users can easily create readable budgeting spreadsheets, robust presentations, and much more with Microsoft Office. While both versions of this suite come with similar apps, Mac users will gain access to Teams Classic, a handy program for virtual collaboration. Windows users will score Publisher, making creating newsletters and flyers easy, and Access, an invaluable data management app.

Excel Formulas

Your feedback is much appreciated, and helps me provide more work that you are looking for. This bundle contains lessons 1-4 in my 8 part series, with a focus on all the most common and basic features in Word. Lesson 8 – Students learn how to create an interactive document using the Developer Tab. In addition to learning how to create a form with radio buttons, drop down menus, etc, students also review previous features such as columns, tabs, and tables to create a unique newsletter. Information for the newsletter is provided, but students may use it in multiple ways to create their own version. This bundle includes Lessons 1-4, which are designed to teach the most common and useful features in Word.

Microsoft Word 2019 Lessons

Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn more about using Backstage view. The Ruler is located at Microsoft Word 2019 Lessons the top and to the left of your document. If you want, you can hide the Ruler to create more screen space.

Lesson 5-6 focuses on the MOS certification, going deeper into Word and focusing on the “weird” things that are on the test but not always used be the average user. Lessons 7-8 will include advanced features that are not on the MOS test but will be of interest to your faster students who want a challenge. They will include things like mail merge, labels, and the developer tab. I have tried to write these lessons like an accordion–with room to expand and contract as the student needs require.

Microsoft Word 2019 Lessons

We’ll also review how you can use MS Word to create and manage long technical documents that may require headers and footers. We also go over unique MS Word methods for proofing and editing. For example, should you need to work with a third-party editor, we will show you ways to add comments and track changes as you pass documents from person-to-person. This download also includes the non-internet based mp4 files as well, just in case you do not have internet access of the site is temporarily unavailable. Lesson 1 – Teaches the “universal features” that are used in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, like copy and paste, shapes, font size, etc.

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